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KSB to equip Libyan pumping stations

KSB Group is to equip two new pumping stations in the Libyan city of Tarhunah with eight volute casing pumps each. The total discharge head of both stations will be 550 m, the company says.

The two pumping stations are part of the so-called 'Great Man-Made River' project in which the aquifers of the Sahara desert are tapped and the water is transferred to the coastal regions of Bengasi, Sirte and Tripoli.

KSB's pump casings are made of nodular cast iron and designed for an operating pressure of 40 bar. To reduce bio-digestion, the water system is being chlorinated at regular intervals and all wetted rotating components of the pumps, such as impellers and shafts, are made from high-quality stainless steel.

KSB was awarded the contract because the end user had gained good experience with the products from Germany in other pumping stations in the past. Delivery is expected to be completed by the end of 2006

(源自:world pumps)
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